Proactive versus reactive pest control

By Chris Williams on April 21, 2017.

Recently, I worked with two exceptional clients who I would describe as proponents of pro-active pest control.  Each case involved a rodent infestation and upon discovering an issue the client took immediate steps to remedy the situation by contracting with a pest control firm rather than be in denial (like a letting a termite infestation go unabated for 30 years as I’ve previously written about) that some unwanted visitors had invaded their home and property. The first scenario involved a two-story custom built home where the client’s daughter had complained of hearing noises in the attic above her bedroom. I first performed an inspection of the basement and to my surprise, found zero evidence of mouse activity (which is great). Next, I inspected two different attics and only found evidence in one. I applied the appropriate control measures and then sealed up what seemed to be the only route into the house and I’m expecting a successful outcome.  The other situation involved a rental home which is now for listed for sale. The owner had discovered that the occupants of this property were not disposing their trash properly either by leaving it outside and at one point filling an entire room with garbage. Why anyone would want to live like that is beyond me but it was a perfect scenario for rats to move in and that is exactly what they did.  Norway rats are very opportunistic and quick to exploit a situation like this.  Inspecting the perimeter of the property I observed burrows on the exterior that were parallel to the walkway and what looked like a well-traveled pathway leading inside the house. Several bait stations were deployed both on the exterior and on the interior up inside a ceiling along routes of travel.  It will be interesting to see how much activity is observed on the first follow up visit.

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