Urban Pest lifestyles

By Chris Williams on March 8, 2017.

I’ve been around this industry for over thirty years now, (how is that possible!) and the one thing that struck me today was that while the locations (same neighborhoods, same building complexes etc.) may be the same but the pests keep cycling back around.  What I mean is the same buildings that were infested with cockroaches back in the eighties, and early nineties, had bedbugs during the new millennium, then mice, are now seeing cockroaches again! Maybe cockroaches are coming back into style? Granted, its not like the good old 80s with cockroaches reigning supreme as the number one urban pest. It got me thinking about the complex relationships between various pest populations in urban settings.  For example, bedbugs do not have too many natural enemies, but spiders and centipedes certainly are and also for centuries, cockroaches have been documented to feed on bedbugs.  Mice and rats are clearly at the top of the urban pests’ food chain and each is pretty omnivorous in their food preferences. Either have no compunction whatsoever adding an occasional cockroach to their daily diet.  Additionally, also observed plenty remains of dead carpenter ants, Asian ladybeetle, Western conifer seedbugs, etc. in mouse nests over my many years of working in this field.  If you would rather not perpetuate these cozy little relationships in your dwelling, or place of business, give the pro’s at Colonial Pest Control a call.

Photo credit : License to use Creative Commons Zero – CC0



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