Cockroaches Know No Winter

By Chris Williams on February 3, 2017.

For those in the Northeast who have entomophobia (fear of insects), winter is a welcome relief. Mosquitoes are gone, temporarily. Yellowjackets are gone, temporarily. Even the foraging ants are gone, fortunately.

Unfortunately, what hasn’t gone are the indoor pests (What Happens to Indoor Insects in Winter?). Winter might slow them down a bit as average indoor temperatures are a few degrees cooler. But those insects that are totally adapted to living indoors, such as German cockroaches, are not really affected by winter (Why Cockroaches Are Year-Round Pests). If you had a serious cockroach problem in the fall, you’ve probably still got a serious cockroach problem…unless you called in a professional.

You Don’t Want to Borrow Cockroaches From Your Neighbor!

If you live in an apartment or condo, you already know that you likely share cockroaches with your neighbors, and not just next door neighbors but above and below, as well. Cockroaches follow pipe chases and electrical or cable lines into wall voids and out the other side into new units. They will even squeeze under a door, walk down the hallway until they see a “Welcome” mat, and enter that apartment! Actually, they don’t require the Welcome mat to make themselves at home.

Cockroach Elimination Requires Professional Help

To effectively get rid of cockroaches in a home requires a multi-pronged approach. Integrated Pest Management incorporates nontoxic control methods such as sanitation, sealing of openings, and trapping, along with baiting and other insecticides as needed. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in cockroach control. You need a pest control company that knows the secret lives of cockroaches and knows how to eliminate them safely with the least amount of disruption for you and your family.

Give Colonial Pest a call today and have a cozier winter in your home.

Photo Credit : By TomwsulcerOwn work, CC0, Link



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