Yikes! Is That Mouse Nest Still in Use?

By Chris Williams on January 23, 2017.

My husband just found what looks like a mouse nest in the back corner of a dresser drawer in the spare bedroom. What are mice doing in the bedroom? How can we tell if this is an old nest or if the mice are still around? E. G., Danvers, MA

If your husband found a fluffy, loose mass of soft materials, perhaps with black mouse poop and even stored food sprinkled around, it no doubt is a mouse nest (see Could You Recognize a Mouse Nest?).

Mouse nests can be found anywhere but are most likely to be found within 30 feet of a food source, in any direction, including above and below since mice can travel inside wall voids vertically. In a heavy mouse infestation (which doesn’t sound like the case here), mice may be pushed farther away from food sources and nests could be anywhere.

The bedroom in question could be adjacent to the kitchen or just above or below the kitchen. The food source for a mouse also doesn’t have to be the kitchen or pantry. Think about where you have stored dry pet food (or pet food bowls), birdseed, grass seed, or maybe even a child who eats and spills a lot in his bedroom. It doesn’t take much to feed a mouse.

Do You Still Have Mice?

If that room and that dresser are mostly unused, the nest could have been there for some time and could be inactive. However, it’s more likely that the mouse or her descendants are still around. In fact, it’s very possible that a female mouse is either preparing to have young in that nest or has already done so. If young mice have left the nest, you will probably find more mouse nests in dark, hidden areas of your home (see How to Check for Mice in Your House).

You can get some clues about activity by checking the mouse droppings. Fresh mouse poop will be black and soft with a texture like putty. Old droppings are grayer and dry. If you squeeze an older dropping, it will crumble. Mice leave other signs behind, too, such as gnawed areas, oily rubmarks, and odors (see Telltale Signs of Mice).

You can try placing a snap trap in that drawer, or, better yet, call us and have a trained technician inspect your home for mice. If you have mice, we can set up a mouse control program for your home. We can also mouse-proof your home to keep mice out by sealing and reinforcing areas where mice can enter. Give Colonial Pest a call.

Photo Credit : pixnio | public domain (CC0)



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