How Can We Keep Mice From Getting Into Our House?

By Chris Williams on September 22, 2016.

Every fall the same thing happens. As soon as the weather starts to get cooler, we get mice inside. We find mouse droppings in the garage and then it’s not long before we see them in the house in various places. How can we keep the mice outside? M. Z., Revere, MA

There’s a one-word answer: “Exclusion.” Actually, it could be a two-word answer since we also refer to it as mouse-proofing, or sometimes rodent-proofing. All it means is closing up all of the little openings that mice use to get inside. This could be a simple job if, for example, mice are entering through a worn out rubber gasket on the garage door. Replacing the gasket could solve the problem. But, if you live in an older home or if your home needs maintenance, there could be lots of potential openings for mice. Mice are tiny and it doesn’t take much of a gap for a mouse to squeeze inside (see How Are Mice Getting Into My House?).

A typical mouse exclusion job could include adding thresholds and weather-stripping to doors, repairing screens on foundation vents, installing sheet metal barriers over vulnerable corners and edges, caulking openings around utility conduits, replacing rotting wood around the roofline, and maybe lots more. But it can be done, and if done properly, it can keep mice out.

Conditions Outside May Be Contributing to Mice Inside

Conditions around the outside of your house could be attracting mice so you may have more than your share waiting to move inside. If you have accumulations of wood, stones, mulch, or piles of leaves and building materials stacked around the foundation, you are providing nice hiding places for mice. If you have open garbage cans, bird feeders, or if you feed pets outside, you may even be providing food for mice.

Colonial Pest Can Mouse-Proof Your Home Today

Give Colonial Pest a call. Our expert mouse techs can inspect your home for conditions that are attracting mice and can set up a control program to eliminate the mice. But as you know, getting rid of the mice in your home now won’t keep new mice from moving in later. We can take care of that, too. We specialize in mouse exclusion and use only quality materials to seal and reinforce. And, we stand behind our work. For more information, see our Service page on Mice/Rodent Removal and the blogs below:

Photo Credit : Bart Everson | CC BY 2.0



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