Yes, We Remove Skunks!

By Chris Williams on July 22, 2016.

Do you guys do skunks? It seems we have one (or more?) nesting under our deck. We’ve seen it come out from under there more than once. My husband doesn’t want to deal with it. Our dog does want to deal with the skunk but I’m sure that wouldn’t be a good idea! M. T., Meredith, NH

We can help! At Colonial Pest we have nuisance wildlife experts on staff and we’ve been humanely removing unwanted skunks for many years.

It’s not uncommon for skunks to establish a den near a home. But it’s more common when you see a skunk in your yard that it is just there foraging. Skunks can have a pretty large territory with a range of up to 4 miles. That skunk could be visiting to feed on something under your deck. A Colonial expert can determine whether the skunk is denning there. If so, we can trap and remove the skunk. This process could be derailed or delayed though if the skunk is a female who has just had babies (see When Can You Remove a Denning Skunk?). 

You May Be Feeding Skunks in Your Yard 

There may be something about your yard that is attractive to foraging skunks. Our experts can advise you about that, too. Skunks feed on grubs or earthworms in lawns, on insects, on fallen fruits or berries, and on pet food left outside, among other things. Of course, skunks will feed on people food, too, so make sure your food garbage is not available for skunks. 

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