How to Keep Outside Pests Out!

By Chris Williams on July 14, 2016.

We’re having a real problem with all kinds of bugs getting into our lower level family room. I’ve found millipedes and sowbugs and some other bugs that I don’t even recognize. I’ve tried spraying around doorways. What can we do to keep them out? L. Y., Amesbury, MA

In homes, basement and lower levels are most prone to pest invasion simply because they are at or below ground level where the pests live (see Here’s Why Pests Love Your Basement!). If pests can find an opening, they can simply walk in. You almost certainly need some pest-proofing which means sealing openings around doors, windows, window wells, and where utility or plumbing lines enter through walls. Weather-proofing doors by adding thresholds and weather stripping can go a long way towards keeping pests out.

Moisture Pests Find Their Way Into Lower Levels

The pests you mention are all moisture-loving pests. They are found in mulch and other damp places outside and require high humidity for survival (see Moisture Problems Cause Pest Problems). They often enter homes seeking moisture when their outside environments get too dry. Once inside, they gravitate to areas of higher humidity such as laundry rooms or bathrooms.

Do what you can to dry out your lower level by making sure there are no water leaks, adding a dehumidifier, and running fans to increase air circulation. Moisture-loving pests don’t survive long indoors when conditions are dry.

A Perimeter Treatment Can Keep Pests Out

Consider having a professional exterminator treat the exterior foundation around your home to keep these perimeter pests from moving inside. We offer a Preventative Maintenance Program that includes two pest barrier treatments per year with additional service if you need it (see Our Package Plan Keeps Pests Away Year Round).

Give Colonial Pest a call for more information on our seasonal exterior treatments. We also do pest-proofing and can seal all those openings for you. With this two-pronged approach we guarantee you a pest-free home!

Photo Credit: “Porcellio scaber and Oniscus asellus – Zalné20070205” by Pudding4brainsOwn work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.



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