April Showers Bring…April Pests!

By Chris Williams on April 19, 2016.

Spring can be a rainy and damp time. Most of us don’t really mind it, knowing that flowers and warm weather are not far behind. Pests, however, love April weather since they require high humidity to keep their soft bodies from drying out. Some, like mosquitoes, need spring rains to complete their development.

Outdoor Foundation Pests Like it Damp

Most of the pests that live outside our homes around the foundation require high moisture levels. They hide and feed in the heavy mulch and groundcovers around the perimeter of our homes and thrive when these sites remain consistently damp. But if perimeter beds get too wet, foundation pests might migrate, looking for drier areas. This is when they can find their way into your home.

Foundation pests that like the moisture of April showers include: millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, crickets, sowbugs, pillbugs, and ground beetles. To keep these pests out of your home, seal openings that pests can squeeze through and consider an outside perimeter insecticide treatment (see Our Package Plan Keeps Pests Away Year Round).

Mosquitoes Need Standing Water

As soon as there is standing water from spring rains, mosquitoes that have spent the winter as eggs will begin to hatch. Repeat rains in April mean standing water for long enough (7+ days) to allow mosquito larvae to complete development into biting adult mosquitoes. Do a mosquito check of your yard, emptying standing water in containers and re-grading areas that are not draining (see How to Eliminate Mosquitoes From Your Yard – Advice From the Pros).

Indoor Pests Magically Appear When Humidity is High

Spring often means higher humidity indoors because windows are open and air conditioning has not yet been turned on. April showers can also result in roof leaks that set up conditions for those pests that feed on fungus or water-damaged wood.

When humidity is high inside a home for an extended period, we can find pests that we don’t see indoors in normal circumstances. Springtails, fungus beetles, and booklice are three pests that can suddenly appear in high numbers in damp conditions. They feed on fungus that can also appear seemingly overnight during April showers. Fortunately, these moisture pests are easily controlled by simply drying out their damp habitats and eliminating mold or mildew.

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