Will this snow have any effect on your homes treatment?

By Chris Williams on April 5, 2016.

Snow again? Seriously? Second major event in just days for the newly minted month of April 2016, and its cold too at just 23 degrees at my location. Not yourTechSpray typical spring time wet snow at all and mother nature has certainly pulled a fast one.  I wonder how many baseball games will be postponed today due to snow. Speaking of postponements, many of you if you are a regular semi annual clients may have your scheduled treatments pushed back a few days as we wait for the weather to clear once again.  Many of you have had your homes treated already while we were having some of that beautiful weather last week. Remember that? Seems like a long time ago already!  You may be wondering with today’s snow fall, if it will have any effect on your homes treat
ment?  The answer is no.  While the insects are staying hunkered down today, (and honestly, who can blame them right?) today’s modern insecticide formulations are long lasting and durable.  Some are micro-encapsulated to offer timed release protection. Others contain liquid plastics to help bond and protect the active ingredient against harsh alkaline substrates like concrete which have often limited the insecticide’s residual usefulness in the past.  Bottom line is not to worry; your treatment will weather this stuff,  (though I’d rather use another word!) and be around to offer the long term protection it was designed for once the weather clears.



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