Weather and Insects

By Chris Williams on March 28, 2016.
Dragonfly In Snow

Dragonfly In Snow

Weather has always a favorite subject of mine as a backyard gardener, and fruit grower. Since we live our lives in “seasons” with a new one coming not too many weeks away, (can’t get here soon enough seems to be the vibe I’m getting) I’m wondering what effects this odd winter season will have on our favorite pests over the several months. Heard a few weather stats last night on WMUR’s newscast. One year ago NH received about 84 inches of snow with most of it falling in February. Normal snowfall for the state is about 46 inches per year and this year so far we’ve only received 23.5 inches.  What a huge difference! Except for the shady areas and snow piles from shoveling, my yard is pretty much bare ground.  We’ve had several freeze/ thaw cycles too through out this season so far and I’ve got to think that could be detrimental to pest populations and a win for us. (well not me because I’m a snow lover and fan of ‘normal’ winter!) That said, it seems like precipitation has been plentiful and that is probably going to be favorable to things like the black legged tick (Ixodes scapularis) the notorious Lyme disease tick. They do not do well in dry conditions but I would be willing to bet I could walk across my street to the edge of the woods and pick up some on my clothing because deer move through there all the time on the way to my orchard. I’m guessing that snow melt mosquitos should also do fine because although we have not had abundant snowfall, we have had plenty of rain to fill up those temporary pools out in the woods. How will the carpenter ants and yellow jackets fare after the winter of 2016? Will they be ‘really bad’ this year? Walking out on thin ice, I’m going to say a resounding yes! Never bet against the ‘bugs’.  Warmer weather is coming so contact Colonial Pest Control to set up your home for pest free living with our proven semi annual service.



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