Young and old rats

By Chris Williams on February 22, 2016.

A couple of days ago I wrote here about a mouse complaint call that actually has turned out to be more of a rat issue instead.   I returned to this same account yesterday for further investigation at the urging of the property owner.  Unfortunately there was a bit of a language barrier between myself and the apartment buildings tenants initially, but with some better communication between the the building owner, tenant (a different family member this time around) and the the property manager we all managed to get on the same page. It became apparently clear that I was dealing with a rat issue after significant holes had been discovered gnawed through the living room walls of the apartment. An animal brazenly entered the living room while I was showing the property manager the damage but managed to escape through another opening after being cornered. Hows’ that for confirmation?  Anyway, the wall voids were baited and sealed off with wads of copper mesh, and glue traps were also deployed behind furnishings.  Tenants were again instructed to dispose of household trash properly and there are some physical issues with the building requiring some repairs. Again, only time will tell if satisfactory control can be achieved given these  various challenges, and it will require cooperation of all the parties involved.



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