Mice in Kitchen Island

By Chris Williams on February 16, 2016.

I have been finding mouse droppings inside the cabinets of my kitchen island.  We have a grill with a pop up vent that works great, but there is always mouse activity. What is going on and how can we prevent this in the future?

A:  Mice are always trying to find a place to live, and houses are a great place to live in.  Mice are able to enter tiny openings, as small as a #2-pencil.  Larger gaps are even better, and may be found on most homes.  The most common places to look for entry points are the corners, the edges of steps, AC lines, vent covers, electrical boxes, the roof line, chimney flashing, dormers, bulkhead doors, and gaps in the foundation ( rock foundations are difficult to defend ).  With diligence, most entry points can be permanently sealed to prevent rodents from getting inside the structure.  The best time to seal up a structure is during the construction phase.  Thinking about rodents as a building is constructed can make all the difference, as construction deficiencies lead to the majority of rodent issues.  It is difficult for a Pest Control Professional to fix every house with mice, but we are able to locate problem areas and help point out entry points based on our experience over the years.  The problem with your kitchen island is most likely related to the grill vent.  The ductwork that leads from your stove, through the cabinet itself, into the floor then exits to a vent outside.  If mice can get into the basement, they can get up into the island as they explore the house.  Mice may also be getting in around the vent on the exterior.  Just the other day I found a similar situation, the vent hood extended out from the siding, but there was a 1-inch gap all around the duct that was wide open!  Too easy, but until you find all the potential entry points, it could be anywhere.  Rodent control involves two steps. First, traps or baits are used to knock down the population residing within the structure.  Second, exclusion techniques are used to keep rodents out where possible.  An Integrated Pest Management strategy takes into consideration all the factors involved in solving the mouse situation and works toward a long-term solution.  If you think you have a Mouse or other Pest Problem, call the Professionals at Colonial Pest Control Inc.



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