How to Have a Pest-Free Holiday Season! – Tips From the Pros

By Chris Williams on December 11, 2015.

With the holiday season well underway, we’re starting to get the usual seasonal pest questions as our customers bring holiday greens and firewood into their homes and notice that insects have tagged along. Others are worried about picking up bed bugs as they travel to Grandma’s. We’ve addressed most of these issues before in our holiday blogs, so here all in one place are the answers to all of your holiday pest questions.

Bugs in Your Christmas Trees and Greens?

Most everyone who appreciates a live Christmas tree has seen a bug or two hiding among the branches at one time or another. Most of these pests are just enjoying the protection of the heavy foliage while others are plant pests who feed on the needles or cones. You’re more apt to have a few bugs in a tree that you cut yourself since grower-grown trees are often treated prior to sale. Regardless, once in the drier indoor air, any tree or greenery pests will die shortly. Don’t be tempted to spray your greens with insecticide. Instead, see our holiday blog, Tips to Avoid Insect Pests on Christmas Trees and Greens.

Insects Lurking in Your Yule Logs?

There’s no question that bringing firewood indoors can also bring insects indoors. Insects that hide in firewood are usually just trying to find a protected place to spend the winter. Some though are actually tunneling in and feeding on the wood. Our customers are concerned about whether or not firewood insects can infest wood in their homes. It’s not impossible, but it’s extremely unlikely that would happen. To find out why, see our holiday blog, Keep Firewood Pests From Moving In.

Worried About Bed Bug Holiday Hitchhikers?

Whether you ‘re traveling for the holidays or expecting visitors, you probably have an itching concern in the back of your mind about bed bugs. What are the chances that you could bring them home from a hotel, or what are the chances that your guests could unpack bed bugs along with their gifts? If you have a child moving home from a college dormitory, should you take precautions? While bed bugs are a real concern, picking them up when you travel is less likely than most people think. Arm yourself with knowledge by reading our blogs, Bed Bug Prevention Tips for Holiday Travel – Advice From the Pros, and Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Dorm Rooms.

From all of us here at Colonial Pest Control, we wish you and yours a very merry, pest-free holiday!



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