It’s Time to Look for Mouse Entry Points Around Your Home

By Chris Williams on November 20, 2015.

House Mouse (Mus musculus)

Fall is a good time to check your home for potential rodent entry points. When the weather turns colder, mice especially, start looking for warmer places to spend the winter. The typical home has no shortage of tiny gaps and openings that can let mice inside. But your home can be rodent-proofed to keep mice out. It’s a matter of finding and sealing all those openings. See Take Steps Now to Keep Mice Out This Fall.

Look for Places Where Rodents Can Enter

  • Ground-level doors that don’t seal tightly at the sides and bottom
  • Garage doors with gaps in the corners where the rubber threshold at the bottom meets the side walls
  • Worn out garage door seals with cracks and warps that don’t seal well
  • Spaces around pipes, electrical lines, or cables where they enter crawlspaces or the foundation
  • Cracks around foundation or gaps where siding meets the foundation
  • Missing or broken screens on foundation or crawlspace vents
  • Overhanging tree branches that touch the roof
  • Holes or rotted spots in soffits or around roofline
  • Missing chimney caps or unscreened roof vents

Look for Evidence of Rodents Around Your Home

  • Burrows around the foundation or along the edge of porch or deck slabs
  • Gnawed areas at the base of wooden doors, around pipe openings under sinks, at the bottom of baseboards, etc.
  • Small, black, spindle-shaped droppings in clusters
  • Dark, greasy-looking rubmarks around openings and along edges where rodents frequently travel
  • Nest material inside bottom drawers, back corners of cabinets, behind appliances, in stored boxes, etc.
  • Hoarded dry pet food, bird seed, other foods in hidden spaces
  • Scratching, gnawing, scurrying, or squeaking noises

Look for Someone to Rodent-proof Your Home

You don’t have to look far. At Colonial Pest, exclusion techniques are one of our specialties. Our trained technicians know how to find and seal all those little openings that let mice inside, and our work is guaranteed. Call Colonial Pest today for a permanent solution to indoor mouse problems.

Photo Credit: “House mouse“. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.



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