9 Ways People Help Cockroaches!

By Chris Williams on November 3, 2015.
  1. People are sloppy – We leave food out for cockroaches. Dirty dishes, leftovers, food crumbs, pet food bowls, all feed a cockroach.
  1. People eat on the go – We eat in multiple locations: on the sofa, at our desks, in our beds, in our cars—and in each place we leave crumbs and spills.
  1. People keep garbage around – We don’t burn or bury our trash anymore, we store it for days until someone hauls it away. Lots of good cockroach food in that garbage.
  1. People recycle – Some of our garbage doesn’t even end up in the garbage, and we store those things even longer. Recycled bottles and cans almost always have enough residue left inside to feed cockroaches.
  1. People are pet lovers – We all have pets and those pets need food and water. Most of us leave both pet food and water available 24/7 for our four-legged and our six-legged friends.
  1. People don’t like it too dry – Many of us use humidifiers in our homes to keep things comfortable. Cockroaches appreciate that, too, because their bodies dry out easily if it’s not humid enough.
  1. People like to collect stuff – Some of us just don’t like to clean up and some of us are full-blown hoarders. Too much “stuff” in your home provides lots of hiding places for cockroaches and makes control difficult.
  1. People live with leaks – Plumbing leaks are often not a priority for us but they provide a continuous water supply for cockroaches.
  1. People don’t mind living with cockroaches – The best situation of all for a cockroach. There are a few of us who really don’t notice and don’t care that they share their home with cockroaches.




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