Cockroach Baiting is the New Normal

By Chris Williams on October 23, 2015.

My elderly grandmother has a bad cockroach problem in her condo that needs professional help. The problem is that she’s bedridden and on oxygen. Are there any alternative ways to control cockroaches without spraying pesticides?

W. P., Hampton, NH

Actually, what might have once been seen as an alternative control is now the norm for most pest control companies. At Colonial Pest, almost all of our cockroach control uses nonvolatile pesticide baits, rather than pesticide sprays. Baits do not release any volatile chemicals into the air, they are odorless, long-lasting, and are placed in cracks and crevices where cockroaches hide (see Why is Cockroach Bait the Best Choice?).

Our technicians use an applicator tube to apply small dot-like placements of cockroach gel bait in out-of-the-way locations where cockroaches have been seen, usually in kitchens and bathrooms. We return on a regular basis to check and replace bait that has been eaten by cockroaches. We often supplement our cockroach baiting program with extensive vacuuming and even the use of sticky traps if needed.

Elderly and Ill Customers Have Special Pest Control Needs

We’re very aware of the fact that elderly, ill, and impaired individuals can be more sensitive to pesticides. This can be a result of depressed immune systems, certain medications, respiratory problems, reduced blood flow, and any number of other health or medical issues. Our number one rule is to use the safest pest control methods that will do the job.

Only in extreme infestations that require rapid control would we need to use pesticide sprays. Even in these cases, we avoid the use of fogging sprays or smelly, volatile airborne sprays that can affect some people. Placing small amounts of a low odor, low volatility pesticide into cracks and crevices keeps it out of the air. We also ask that, if possible, the elderly resident vacate the area during treatment and for a short time after treatment while we aerate the space.

Give Colonial Pest a call. We evaluate each pest situation individually and design a treatment plan that works for our customers and their needs. More importantly, we’ll be there as long as the pests are and our work is guaranteed.



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