Pigeon Poop Presents Plenty of Problems

By Chris Williams on October 14, 2015.

We often get calls from office buildings and apartment buildings that have had enough of pigeon droppings. Even so, they usually don’t understand all of the problems that can result from accumulated droppings, beyond the obvious unsightliness.

Pigeon Manure Causes All Kinds of Damage & Concerns

  1. Droppings corrode and deteriorate surfaces of buildings, statues, and  monuments, accelerating their decline.
  2. Bird poop can etch the finish on cars below.
  3. On sidewalks, driveways, stairways, and fire escapes, droppings are slip hazards.
  4. Droppings, along with nest material, can clog roof drains and air intakes.
  5. Large amounts of droppings will kill vegetation, ruining landscaping in public places.
  6. Large accumulations of pigeon droppings smell.
  7. Pigeon droppings on park benches, building ledges, statues, and other highly visible locations are unattractive and unsettling.
  8. In large quantities, old droppings can provide a fertile growth medium for the fungal disease histoplasmosis (see Should You Worry About Pigeon Droppings?).

On top of that, to put it politely, pigeons can defecate a large volume of material because of the bulky husks and shells of seeds that make up part  of their diet.  An adult pigeon can eat as much as one pound of seed or feed a week. In their natural habitat, pigeons are primarily grain eaters, but around humans they will scavenge on bread, peanuts, cookie crumbs, and all manner of garbage.

Most of the defecation takes place in pigeons’ nighttime rooting sites, but can also be a problem in daytime loafing sites (see Pigeons Use Different Sites for Different Purposes). Roosting sites are where pigeons nest. Nests become full of accumulated feathers and droppings that cement the whole mess together. The area, and people, and cars below a roosting site definitely suffer.

Eliminate the Pigeons, Eliminate the Poop

There are many different methods of pigeon control, depending on the site, and the level of pigeon pressure. Some noise alarms attempt to scare the birds away from a site, others repel visually or by touch, some pros employ trapping or baiting. At Colonial Pest, we have certified technicians that are experienced in bird control and also in bird exclusion methods that block pigeons from using their favorite roosting sites.

Anyone cleaning up pigeon droppings should take precautions. Cleanup of large quantities of pigeon droppings requires special protection including the use of a high efficiency respirator to protect against breathing in airborne disease particles. If you’re tired of cleaning up pigeon poop, give us a call!



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