Preventing Roaches

By Chris Williams on April 16, 2015.

American Cockroach

Welcome. I’m Zack Ciras from Colonial Pest Control, your go-to full service pest control company.
Today, I’d like to spend a few minutes with you chatting about how to prevent roaches at home.

Some roaches, like the Pennsylvania Wood Roach, occasionally fly into the house from outside through a gap around a door or window. They are just attracted to the light, and they won’t reproduce or thrive inside.

The German Cockroach is the main problem inside of homes. These roaches aren’t too difficult to keep out, or at least maintain, if we are vigilant and aware. Early detection is key to stopping roaches before they become a problem. But how can you keep them out in the first place?

Be aware of where you shop, especially for produce. Many specialty foods can only be found in small markets or bodegas, but these are often not kept as tidy as a major chain. They also import from more vast areas of the world, increasing chances of a roach transfer. Before you put your food away after getting home from the market, give everything a look. Rinsing off fruits and vegetables may also be a good habit to start. Don’t store used paper products such as shopping bags and cardboard without thorough and regular inspection.

An established infestation of German Cockroaches may cause some issues to your appliances, and may cause cosmetic damage to your home. The odor that builds up over time is also quite unpleasant.

The health complications associated with an ongoing roach infestation are of great concerns. Roach droppings, allergins, and the dried flakes of dead roaches trigger asthma attacks. Other respiratory ailments can be traced to or triggered by roaches. Roaches are known to spread many bacteria and disease organisms among other nasty things.

To prevent roaches in your house, keep an eye out for early detection. Also, maintain clean environments, free of piled up dishes, forgotten trash, and general clutter. By maintaining a clean house, you increase your odds of keeping your home roach free as well.

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