Mice! Glue Traps or Snap Traps?

By Chris Williams on January 23, 2015.

We have mice! I don’t want to use poisons so I’d like to buy some mousetraps, but I don’t know whether to get glue traps or the regular snap traps. Which is best? P. W., Merrimack, NH

snap mouse traps

Snap trap

glue mouse traps set up

Glue traps

Both traps work well when placed and maintained properly. It kind of comes down to your specific situation, and maybe how sensitive you are about dealing with dead or dying mice.

The Traps Kill Mice in Different Ways

Snap traps usually provide a quick death for the mouse when its back is broken on impact of the kill bar. Sometimes, though, a leg is trapped instead and the mouse may be alive. Glue traps rarely result in a quick death for the mouse. It can be a slow and noisy process as the mouse struggles to get free. Death is usually by suffocation when the mouse gets its nose and face stuck in the glue.

Glue traps are cheaper than snap traps, but consider that glue traps are a one shot deal while snap traps can be reused many times. Which type of mousetrap you buy may depend on how extensive the infestation is and how many traps you will need.

Glue traps are convenient in that the glue board and the dead mouse attached can be disposed of together. With snap traps, you will have to remove and dispose of the dead mouse, and reset and re-bait the trap. Both traps are nontoxic, no poison involved. Either trap can have a bait added to further entice mice.

How to Use Either Kind of Mousetrap

Make sure you place the traps in areas where you have seen mouse activity, especially along walls and edges and other mouse runways. Also place traps where you have seen mouse droppings (poop), nest material, or gnawing damage. Don’t place glue traps in dusty areas, or near an open flame (like a hot water heater), or in very hot areas where the glue may run (see Trapping Mice with Glue Boards – Advice From the Pros). Check the traps frequently or you may have to deal with the smell of dead mice.

Both traps can be a hazard to small children or pets that could become stuck on a glue trap or snapped by a snap trap. Place traps where children or pets won’t come into contact with them. Either trap can be placed inside a tamper-resistant rodent bait station that will keep it away from children and pets, and will shield the trap from view. If a child or pet gets stuck on a glue trap, they can be released with plain old cooking oil (see How to Unstick Your Child (or Your Pet) From a Mouse Glue Trap).

Or, you can leave the decision to us. Call a professional exterminator. You won’t have to deal with dead or dying mice, and our rodent control work is guaranteed. Call Colonial today!

Photo credit: John Loo / Foter / CC BY
Photo credit: Tobyotter / Foter / CC BY

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