No Wonder Mice Are Such Good Pests!

By Chris Williams on December 31, 2014.
field mouse sitting in foliage

Like rats, mice have relatively poor vision, and are also color-blind. They make up for those shortcomings, however, with their highly developed senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing, and balance. Mice have many physical attributes that allow them to successfully enter buildings and move about, escaping detection.

This is Why Mice Are So Successful

  • Mice are excellent jumpers for their size. A really agile mouse can jump 12 inches up from the floor onto an elevated flat surface.
  • Mice can jump from a height of 8 feet down to the floor.
  • Mice can jump against a wall or a use a flat, vertical surface as a springboard to gain additional height.
  • Mice can run up almost any vertical surface–from wood or brick walls, to metal girders, pipes, weathered sheet metal, wire mesh, and cables—as long as the surface is somewhat rough.
  • Mice can walk or run along ledges too narrow for rats.
  • Mice can run horizontally along insulated electrical wires, small ropes, and the like…no problem.
  • Mice can easily travel for some distance along ¼-inch hardware mesh while hanging upside down.
  • Mice can squeeze through openings slightly more than ¼-inch high.
  • Mice are capable swimmers, although they generally do not take to water as well as rats and tend not to dive below the surface.
  • Mice have been reported living at 1,800 feet below the ground in a coal mine.
  • Mice can survive at a constant 24 degrees F. for generations.

This is Why We Offer Mouse-Proofing Services

Mice are indeed athletic and amazing. This is why Colonial Pest offers mouse-proofing services to seal openings, block pathways, and screen vents. It’s our way of staying one step ahead of the mice. Our trained technicians know how and where to find weak points in your home that mice utilize to enter and move about. We use only high quality building materials to caulk, screen, reinforce, and seal…and our work is guaranteed. Give us a call today and let us keep mice out of your home.

Photo credit: tim27w / IWoman / CC BY

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