Other Sources for Fruit Flies Besides Fruit

By Chris Williams on December 11, 2014.

I think I saw one of your earlier blogs that mentioned places where fruit flies breed besides in fruit. Could you repeat that information because we have a chronic fruit fly problem in our beauty salon and no fruit anywhere around? Thank you. A.D., Sterling, MA

fruit flies swarming a figYes, fruit fly larvae can be found developing in places where there is an accumulation of fermenting, rotting, or scummy liquid or food residues such as:

  • Vegetable or fruit bins – Check for rotten apples, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. stored in bins or bags.
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps – Look for spills under appliances and counters.
  • Empty bottles and cans – Fruit flies can breed in the residue of “empty” returnable or discarded wine, beer, milk, ketchup, and other bottles, or in the liquid left in empty soda cans.
  • Beer or wine dispensers – Fermenting residues in a drain or from spills are prime breeding sites.
  • Dumbwaiter pit – These pits are rarely cleaned adequately and may be loaded with rotting food.
  • Garbage cans – Food scraps and sticky residues should be removed by periodic washing. Check under the can liner.
  • Cleaning water runoff – Mopping and cleaning water can carry food “goo” under walls and into cracks in broken tile and damaged grout.
  • Utility sink – An incrustation of food can build up on a sink used as a common drain for mop basins, dishwashers, potato-peeling  machines, etc.
  • Traps and drains – Check for leaking grease traps and broken or stagnant floor drains.
  • Dishcloths and mops – Old, forgotten dishcloths, mops, towels, and rags can sour and ferment and breed flies.
  • Food or beverage carts – Food scraps and sticky residues should be removed by aggressive washing.

For more help on finding and eliminating fruit flies, give Colonial Pest a call, and check out these related blogs:

Photo credit: Alejandro Erickson / Foter / CC BY

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