Termite Monitoring Provides Ongoing Protection for Your Home

By Chris Williams on November 26, 2014.

My home has had a big problem with termites these last couple weeks. I’m ready for them to be gone. I have tried a few different ways to get rid of them, but nothing has worked. I’ve never tried termite monitoring, but now I really want to. It sounds like it would work really well! – Julia C.

Termite bait controlTermite monitoring does work really well. That’s why, at Colonial Pest, we have made monitoring with termite bait stations our primary means of termite control.

It’s not clear whether you have actually seen termites in your home, or whether you’ve seen swarmers either inside or out. If your home is already infested with damaging termites, you will probably need a program that involves more than just monitoring stations, at least initially. Depending on what our technicians find, we would first treat and eliminate the termites inside your home. If you think you’re seeing swarming (flying) termites, you should have the pests identified. You’re writing this in the fall which is not a normal swarming time for termites, so you could be dealing with ants instead.

The primary use for termite monitoring stations is as an early warning system and an environmentally friendly way to intercept and kill termites before they can reach your home. We use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. The plastic tubes that we sink into the ground around the perimeter of your home are both termite monitors and bait stations. They contain a cellulose material that termites like to feed on, plus Recruit bait. When foraging termites find a monitoring station, they feed on the toxic bait and also carry it back to the colony where it affects the queen and other workers (see How Do Termite Bait Stations Work?).

The Benefits of a Termite Monitoring System

There are many benefits to termite monitoring. Termite monitoring stations are low-impact, “green” technology, and there is no muss or fuss involved. Unlike traditional termite treatments, termite baiting systems do not require any trenching, digging, or injecting of pesticide around the foundation. There is no disturbance inside your home, no drilling of floors or moving furniture. You don’t even have to be home.

Monitors Are a Good Post-Treatment Choice, Too!

Termite bait monitors would work well for you even after you’ve had a traditional termite treatment. Monitors installed after your treatment will provide post-treatment protection. You will have peace of mind in knowing that your home is now under constant protection. Our technicians check the monitors on a regular basis to note where there is termite activity and to replace any missing bait.

Please give Colonial a call today and let our trained team determine the right termite management program for you. For more on termite monitoring and baiting programs, check out these blogs:


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