How Can I Get Rid of Spiders in My Home?

By Chris Williams on November 14, 2014.
get rid of spiders in home

The number one way to get rid of spiders in your home is to get rid of the insects and other arthropods that they are feeding on. Think about it. Spiders are exclusively carnivores, capturing small insects, millipedes, sowbugs, etc. Spiders wouldn’t be in your home if there wasn’t something there to feed on.

“There are no bugs in my house,” I can hear you adamantly saying. Bet my technicians could find some. Even in winter, there is the occasional cockroach, silverfish, or centipede in most homes. Your home may harbor hidden insects that you’re not even aware of such as ants, termites, clothes moths, food pests, or overwintering insects like stink bugs. If you have an unusual amount of spiders in one part of your home, it might be a clue that you also have another pest problem there.

One way to locate spiders is to look for their droppings that are just below their web or resting area. Spider poop looks like tiny, dried paint drops and range in color from white to gray. If you see droppings under tables, on baseboards, on the floor in corners…look up. You should find the spider hiding in a protected place just above.

Some Tips to Prevent Spiders Indoors

Vacuum regularly

Regularly vacuuming up spiders, spider webs, and spider egg sacs will go a long way towards reducing the number of spiders. There are specialty long-handled dusters designed to reach high corners. Make sure you know what a spider’s egg sac looks like.

Spider-proof your home

Keep outdoor spiders from getting into your home by adding weather-stripping around doors and windows. Caulk around utility line openings and make sure vents are screened.

Clean up clutter

Spiders like to hide in cardboard boxes and miscellaneous household clutter. Clean up clutter in dark, undisturbed places (that spiders prefer) such as garages, basements, storerooms, and closets. Move stacks of stored stuff away from walls.

Dry out damp areas

Spiders like moisture and high humidity so drying out damp areas like basements will make the space less desirable to spiders.

Manage bright lights

Porch and deck lights and bright lights indoors that shine on windows will attract insects and the spiders that prey on them. Don’t leave porch lights on all night. Use shielded lights, lower wattage bulbs, or sodium vapor or yellow lights.

Check firewood

Inspect firewood for spiders and their egg sacs before you bring a load indoors. Keep outside firewood stacked away from the house.

Need help with spiders in your home? Give Colonial a call.

Photo credit: Carlos Madrigal / Foter / CC BY-ND


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