Using Mouse Glue Traps at High Temperatures

By Chris Williams on October 23, 2014.

My wife doesn’t like me using snap traps to catch mice because she hates hearing that snap sound, so I’ve been using glue traps. I have a real problem with the glue getting runny and then it gets on other things like me. Aren’t glue traps supposed to work when it’s hot? A. T., Paxton, MA

mouse glue traps

Glue traps set up in a high-traffic mouse area.

Yes, glue traps (or glue boards) should work in high temperatures unless you’re using them in a very hot attic or some other unusual high temp situation. Manufacturers have greatly improved their traps in recent years. Glue traps usually remain sticky within a temperature range of at least 50-110° F. The trap’s package should give you an effective temperature range for the particular trap. When temperatures are too low, the glue is less sticky, and at very hot temperatures, the glue starts to get runny.

Don’t Let Glue Traps Get Too Hot

  • When using glue traps at high temperatures, try to keep them flat. Don’t place them at odd angles where the glue could ooze out of the tray.
  • Avoid using glue traps near an open flame such as a gas hot water heater (this is a fire hazard, too, because a mouse could drag the trap onto the flame).
  • Don’t place glue traps on hot pipes or other hot surfaces. Most glues will start to run with prolonged exposure to temperatures over 120° F.
  • Don’t place a glue trap in direct sunlight, it will dry out the glue. If you have to place a glue trap in a sunny site, use a covered glue trap or shade the trap somehow.
  • Store glue traps flat. You could end up with a puddle of glue if you store glue traps on end in a hot location.

Unfortunately, in situations where glue traps could be exposed to temperatures outside of their effective range, you may have to use snap traps or rodent bait. Or, you can call a professional exterminator. We know how to hide traps and rodent bait so that no one has to deal with dead mice. And by the way, if you get trap glue on your skin, you can remove it by dabbing on a little vegetable oil, baby oil, or peanut butter. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to dissolve the glue, then wipe off.

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Photo credit: John Loo / Foter / CC BY



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