What does carpenter ant damage look like?

By Chris Williams on August 20, 2014.

With carpenter ants, you usually don’t see any damage on the outside surface of the wood, but when you break into the wood, you’ll find galleries. Unlike termites, carpenter ants are completely housed inside the wood with no soil connection, so there’s no dirt‑like material in the wood galleries. Carpenter ant galleries are clean and smooth to the touch. They feel like they’ve been sandpapered.

Carpenter ants will push any debris in their nest out of the wood through window‑like slits. You might find piles of sawdust mixed with dead ants, pieces of other insects, and bits of insulation or drywall.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever see the carpenter ants themselves, unless you start a home improvement project. If you find any evidence of them, call in the experts right away. The first thing a professional pest control company will do is inspect the area. They should also be able to determine whether it’s an old, inactive infestation or a current infestation that needs treatment.

Colonial Pest has all the tools necessary to handle carpenter ant infestations and to flush out their nests. If you need us, give Colonial a call today.



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