Termite Baiting Systems Provide Permanent Peace of Mind

By Chris Williams on June 30, 2014.
termite bait

Parts of the Sentricon Colony Elimination System

At Colonial, the bones of our termite protection program is the Sentricon Colony Elimination System which is an innovative termite baiting program. Baiting for termites is a relatively new concept and it seems our customers still have lots of questions about how termite baits work.

Termites are not attracted to wood, they find it in a random manner, by literally bumping into it. As they find wood in the soil and along the surface, they recruit other members of the colony to feed on the food source. When wood-filled bait stations are placed around the outside perimeter of a home, they intercept these foraging termites. When termites feed on the treated wood inside the bait stations, they also carry it back to the colony where it affects all the members, gradually killing the colony.

The Benefits of Baiting

There are several distinct advantages to termite bait stations, as compared to the old method of drilling holes and injecting pesticide:

  1. Termite bait stations are environmentally-friendly. They use very little pesticide, and the pesticide is incorporated into the wood inside the station, so there is no pesticide in the soil or air. Other insects or animals can’t reach the treated wood inside its plastic tube. Your children can’t reach it either since the stations have child-resistant tops.
  2. There is no mess or fuss inside your home and no trenching around the foundation. We don’t drill holes in your floors or dig up your rose bushes. The bait stations are placed inconspicuously in the ground around your home’s perimeter. Only the tops are visible and these can even be concealed with mulch.
  3. You don’t even have to be home for our service visits. The termite bait stations are installed in your yard and serviced twice a year by our trained technicians. At that time, any wood or bait that has been consumed by termites is replaced.
  4. Bait stations provide you with a permanent, ongoing termite monitoring program…and peace of mind. The bait stations are always there, ready to intercept termites before they reach your home.

Give Colonial a call today and let our termite specialists introduce you to the Sentricon Colony Elimination System. See how simple permanent termite control can be.




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