Most of Us Are Taking Action Against Bed Bugs

By Chris Williams on May 5, 2014.

A recent Harris poll of 2,000 Americans found that most of us are not taking the threat of a bed bug infestation lightly. At least 59% of us are taking some kind of action to keep our homes bed bug-free. Ninety-five percent of us would take some action if we suspected bed bugs in our home.

This is what your fellow Americans are doing to prevent bed bugs:

  • Inspect sheets, mattress pads and mattresses for signs of bed bugs when checking into a hotel (34%)
  • Keep their suitcases in a plastic trash bag or protective cover for the duration of their hotel stays (8%)
  • Wash all clothes in hot water after returning home from a vacation (33%)
  • Vacuum suitcases after returning home from vacation (12%)
  • Avoid visiting homes or locations that have had a bed bug infestation (29%)
  • Are aware of where they place their belongings when in public places (28%)

This is what your fellow Americans would do if they suspected a bed bug infestation in their home: 

  • Wash their sheets and bedding in hot water (69%)
  • Clean and vacuum their bedrooms (64%)
  • Contact a pest professional/exterminator (62%)
  • Buy an over-the-counter bed bug removal product (40%)
  • Throw away their mattress and purchase a new one (30%)

 “Education and vigilance are the first steps to help stop the spread of bed bugs, and we’re pleased and encouraged to hear so many Americans are becoming more aware of their surroundings and taking measures to protect against this troublesome pest.”

Those are the words of the National Pest Management Association’s Vice President of Public Affairs, Missy Henriksen. The Harris poll was commissioned by the National Pest Management Association as a part of its 2014 Bed Bug Awareness Week (April 20-26).

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