Now is the Time to Block Bats From Your Home

By Chris Williams on April 17, 2014.
Time to remove bats in New England


What does “bat exclusion” mean? We’ve had an on-again, off-again problem with bats in our attic and it sounds like bat exclusion is something we need to solve the problem. D. N., Marlborough MA


I’m glad you asked because now is the time to schedule bat exclusion services—before you have baby bats in your attic. Bat exclusion refers to the process of keeping bats out of a structure. Some people call it “bat-proofing” because it is a type of pest-proofing. It involves sealing or screening openings, reinforcing edges and weak places, capping chimneys, replacing ridge vents — basically blocking or permanently altering any points of entry that bats could use to get inside your home.

At Colonial, we have a team of highly trained technicians that specialize in humane wildlife removal and exclusion methods. We’ve been doing this work in Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 1984. We offer a 7-year warranty on our bat removal and exclusion work, something you won’t find from other pest management companies. We don’t just fill holes with spray foam. Our bat exclusion methods are guaranteed and designed to be permanent. We use high quality materials, like Cobra ridge vent repair which comes with a 40-year warranty.

Bat Exclusion is Not a DIY Job!

If you think you can do bat exclusion on your own, you’re probably wrong. Our guys are looking for any hole or crevice that is larger than ¼ inch, and they know where to look. Just blocking the main bat entrance hole usually doesn’t work, especially if there are young in the nest. Mom will find another way in. If you do bat exclusion on your own at the wrong time of year, you are breaking the law and also setting yourself up for the prolonged stench of trapped, dead bats. And, there’s the risk of rabies if you come in contact with a bat.

Bats are protected animals. In Massachusetts and New Hampshire, any bat removal must be done before the end of May when female bats have their young. Once you have baby bats in your attic, bat removal must be put off until late summer when the young can fly out on their own. If we removed or blocked the mother from getting to her young, they would soon die.

Sometimes, we can do some preliminary exclusion while there are young in the nest, leaving the main entrance to the nest site open. If we miss the spring window of opportunity for sealing bats out, we have to wait until late summer or fall when we can safely remove the last of the bats from your home and complete the exclusion process.

Give Colonial a call for bat exclusion services without delay. I’m sure you would prefer not to have another bat nursery in your attic this summer. We will even come out to Marlborough and give you a free estimate…with a smile.

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