Wasps in Franklin and Wrentham Massachusetts

By Chris Williams on March 17, 2014.
Wasps in Franklin Wrentham, MA

Welcome to the Colonial Pest Control “PestCast.” I’m Zack Ciras, a service technician at Colonial Pest. Colonial Pest is a full service pest control company serving Central and Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.

Franklin and Wrentham Massachusetts are some great communities situated between the three largest cities in New England: Boston, Worcester, and Providence. Franklin and Wrentham are great family towns, as well. They stand out for historical value, the first public library in Franklin, being recognized as some of the best towns for families, education, and so much more.

But one thing is universal. Nobody likes stinging insects! Especially young families.

At Colonial Pest Control, we service these areas and many localities with growing families. In addition to the pain and fear associated with stinging insects, some of us are acutely allergic to bees and wasps.

We have been sighting some less aggressive wasps, such as the Grass Carrying Wasp in recent years. These insects, as the name suggests, carry grass, pine needles, and similar materials to small gaps around Window frames, doors, and similar locations. They have an odd look; very segmented and thin at the waist.

As a rule, if you see a domed, ball shaped nest, stay away and call the pros. Aggressive wasps and hornets amp it up near the nest, as they see you as a threat. Even if you don’t see them until it’s too late.

Stout, black and yellow wasps utilizing a hole in the ground may be Yellow Jackets. They construct a whole colony under ground, in wall voids, in ceilings, or in exposed ball shaped nests. It’s a common unpleasantness into the summer and fall that the vibrations of a lawnmower or playing children will disturb these painful creatures.

Entering the spring, we see more varieties of paper wasps. They are not as territorial as some others, but they can build nests in the least convenient places, such as under steps, railings, eaves, and in lights.

We study the different species, and know how to identify and treat each accordingly. So often, an over the counter can sprayed at Yellow Jackets or German Wasps won’t penetrate the protective nest. Or, a brave homeowner will underestimate a bald faced or white faced hornet nest around the home, and end up on the wrong side of a painful sting.

Whether it’s paper wasps behind the shutters, Yellow Jackets in the ground, Hornets in a bush, of whatever wasps are bugging you at home or work, call Colonial Pest Control. We have a selection of services built to fit your needs. Our stinging insect control is affordable, professional, and quick!

In Franklin or Wrentham, Worcester or Boston, or anywhere in Central, or Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire or Southern Maine, call us at 1-800-525-8084. That’s 1-800-525-8084

For, I’m Zack Ciras. We’ll catch you next time.



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