Protect Your Home with Termite Bait Stations

By Chris Williams on December 4, 2013.

Termite colony in woodQuestion

My husband and I are concerned about termites infesting our 50-year old home. We don’t know if it’s ever had a termite treatment so we’ve decided we need one. We’re leaning toward termite baiting instead of the standard termite treatment, but we’re not sure. Can you help us decide?


Both traditional chemical soil treatments and termite bait programs protect homes from termites. Each has advantages and disadvantages. To many people, the biggest advantage to termite bait programs is environmental: only ounces of active pesticides are used, they are protected inside stations, and they are targeted specifically to the termites alone. Worker termites find the buried slow-acting bait and carry it back to the colony.

In termite baiting, furthermore, it is not necessary to drill holes in the floors or walls inside the home as is the case when applying traditional chemical termite treatments. And the monitors can be inspected and serviced without anyone being home. Finally, termite baiting is an ongoing process. Your home remains protected from new infestations for as long as the program remains in place.

Termite Bait Monitors Protect Your Home by Eliminating Colonies

I would say you’re in a pretty good position to use the baiting system since you don’t currently have termites; you’re looking for protection. The main disadvantage to termite bait programs is that it takes much longer for a bait program to achieve success, and some homeowners are not willing to wait. Since you are looking for a program to protect your home from termite attack, rather than to eliminate an existing termite infestation, baiting would be a good choice for you. You’ll still achieve that protection as termite colonies are eliminated but without the disruption and other disadvantages of a standard termite treatment.

At Colonial Pest Control, our baiting choice is the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. The child-resistant bait station monitors contain a cellulose material that is impregnated with Sentricon’s Recruit bait. Bait station monitors are installed in the ground around your home, flush with the surface. They’re barely noticeable since they blend into grass and can even be covered with a light layer of mulch. Our trained termite technicians check the bait monitors twice a year to evaluate the termite activity and replace bait.

For more on how termite bait stations work, see our blog Termite Bait Stations Are Customer-Friendly. Give us a call to discuss how our termite baiting program can be tailored to protect your home.



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