An Energy Audit Can Help Keep Pests Out

By Chris Williams on November 25, 2013.

Home inspection energy audit

Are you having problems with those fall-invading pests like stink bugs, lady beetles, or boxelder bugs? Do you have an ongoing problem with mice getting into your home? Using pesticides or mouse traps to get rid of these pests after they’ve entered is only a temporary fix. There is a way to keep most of these pests out of your home permanently…without pesticides.

We call it pest-proofing or pest exclusion and it means finding and sealing all those little openings that pests can use to get inside. Openings such as gaps around doors, holes in window screens, unscreened vents, uncapped chimneys, spaces around utility line entry, weep holes in brick, cracks around the foundation, and gaps around roofline fascia boards and soffits.

Find Pest Openings With an Energy Audit

One way to determine where you have openings in your home is to have a home energy audit. Your electric company or home heating company may offer these energy inspections at little cost as a customer service. An energy audit will help find all those little leaks where warm air is exiting and cold air is entering your home. Those little leaks are the same places where pests can enter. In fact, the warm air exiting your home is one thing that attracts pests in the first place. An energy audit can serve two purposes: you’ll save on your energy bills, and you’ll know where to concentrate pest-proofing procedures. Learn more about professional and do-it-yourself energy audits at

It’s not easy to find all the potential pest openings around your home. An energy audit will help, and so will a professional pest control technician who knows what to look for. At Colonial, we offer professional pest exclusion as one of our services. Our trained technicians will find and seal or repair pest entry points using professional-grade materials that will last for years. Let our technicians seal openings around your home to keep out both pests and cold air! Call Colonial today.





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