What’s the Right Way to Control Ants?

By Chris Williams on September 13, 2013.

Ants surrounding homeQuestion

These tiny little ants are driving me crazy! I probably spray for ants every other evening when I get home from work. By the next day, I start seeing them again. Now I’m asking several pest control companies this same question: If I have your company come out, what will you do to get rid of my ants?


As you already know, spraying trailing ants with a household ant killer will not solve your problem. It’s important to use a professional control method and professional products that will eliminate the entire nest. There is no one correct way to treat for indoor ants. The type of control methods we use will depend on whether your ants are nesting inside your home or outside, and on whether or not we are able to locate the nest itself.

Our trained technicians will identify the type of ant pest, inspect for ant trails and nest sites, and then recommend a control method or combination of methods suited to your particular problem:

  • Strategically placed baits are one method of professional ant control. Baiting is a slower control method, on purpose. We want the ants that have fed on the bait to live long enough to carry it back to the nest where they will feed it to the other ants and the queen. Because it takes some time to kill the colony, we sometimes will supplement baiting with other pesticide treatment.
  • Barrier insecticide treatments to limited areas might be used to cut off an indoor ant nest from its sources of food and water.
  • If we can find the ants’ nest in a wall void or other site, either indoors or out, we can inject the nest directly with insecticide to kill the entire colony.
  • Or, our specialist may suggest an exterior “perimeter treatment” around the foundation of your home to keep ants that are nesting outdoors from finding their way inside.

Whichever control methods we recommend for your ant problem, you can bet that we will be around until the problem is solved. Give Colonial a call today. Let us help make your home ant-free.

Photo credit: sbfisher / Foter / CC BY-SA



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