5 Reasons To Have Regular Pest Control Service

By Chris Williams on March 13, 2013.

Hiring a pest control company

1. Regular pest control service will protect your biggest investment.

For most people their homes represent one of the biggest investments in life. Because pest activity can lead to costly damage and devaluation, regular pest control service is essential.

2. Pest control services are designed to prevent pest problems before they occur.

Termites, and ants among others, are able to work within structural elements and damage may take place for years without any overt sign to the untrained eye. Fires or damage to electrical systems resulting from rodent activity are all to common and preventable. Regular pest service and inspections can uncover hidden problems and resolve them before more serious damage happens.

3. Reduce annoying pests.

Regular pest control services reduce the presence of nuisance pests such as ants, beetles, boxelderbugs, earwigs, flies, mice, millipedes, silverfish, spiders, and wasps to name a few. Regular exterior treatments reduce the need for interior applications, which can also be done safely as needed. During regular treatments a general inspection is also made and may lead to the discovery of bird or wildlife activity, wasps nesting in ground or bushes near the home, water leaks, construction issues, or other unknown damage. Any findings of interest will be brought to the homeowner and can be addressed.

4. Pest control service reduces the number of biting insects in and around the home.

Spiders are often associated with painful and sometimes serious bites depending upon the species involved. Bees and wasps of many varieties are also the cause of injuries and even death to people and pets alike, especially those with allergies or extreme sensitivity to stings. Safe and effective treatments can be made to reduce spider populations, eliminate wasp nests, and prevent wasp nesting.

5. Regular pest control service gives the homeowner peace of mind.

Knowing that a competent professional has inspected and treated their home is a good feeling. Having pest control service also means that the safest and most modern techniques have been used to protect both your home and family.



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