Why You Should Read the Product Label

By Chris Williams on March 1, 2013.

Read product labelConsumer product labels of pesticides and other household chemicals contain valuable use instructions and precautions that can help you keep your family, pets, and community safe. By reading the label first you can prevent accidents from occurring. Reading the product label will tell you:

  • How to use a product safely and effectively
  • How to store the product safely
  • How to give first aid for exposure or poisoning
  • Where to call for help or more information

Reading the Label Before You Buy Can Save You Money! Reading the label first will help you:

  • Buy the Right Product – Read the label to make sure it’s the right product for the job. You’ll save money and frustration. All products do not work in every situation. Labels tell you what a product is meant to do and how it should be applied.
  • Buy the Right Amount for Your Needs – Buy only what you need and pass any left on to someone else who can use it. Some products might not be good if stored for long periods of time. A larger size might not be a good value if you can’t use it all.
  • Use the Right Amount of Product for the Job – Labels indicate the correct amount to use. Using more than what’s recommended is not better. It wastes the product and the money you’ve spent. In some cases, using more than the recommended amount can hurt people, pets, and the environment.

Once you’ve purchased the product, read the label again before you use the product. It will tell you whether you need to wear special protection, such as gloves or respirators, when you use the product. The label will tell you when and how to apply the product and any precautions that you need to take to protect the environment. It will tell you when it’s safe for people and pets to return to a treated area. When you’re finished applying the product, the label will tell you how to store any leftover product safely. If you’ve used up all of the product, the label will tell you how to safely dispose of the empty container.
Always Keep Products in Original Containers – It’s dangerous to transfer products into other containers, especially empty food or beverage containers. Children might think that something in a familiar juice or soda bottle is good to drink. If you throw away the original container, you throw away important contact information needed in case of an emergency. If there is an accident, you need information from the original label to help with treatment. If the label tells you to mix a product in another container, use all of the mixture. If you can’t use all of the mixture, be sure to label the new container.



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