Questions to Ask Your Pest Control Company

By Chris Williams on February 27, 2013.

Questions for pest control companyYou’ve contacted a pest control company to take care of your pest problem. Even though you’ve picked a company, there are still some questions you should ask before the work begins. If you are hiring what you know to be a reputable, well-established company, you can probably skip some of the questions that concern licensing, certification, and training. If you’re not sure about the company’s reputation or the technician’s training, ask the tough questions:

  • Ask the company if a certified applicator will be involved in performing or supervising your job. Some states allow a trained, but not certified, technician to perform the job as long as he/she is under the supervision of a certified applicator. A good company will have a certified applicator available. You have the right to ask to see the technician’s current license/certification and insurance coverage verification.
  • Talk with the pest control professional about how much work will be involved? Discuss the target pests that are to be treated and the level of control desired (total elimination is not always necessary if pests are reduced to a manageable level). Ask the company to provide a treatment plan.
  • If you’re interested in reduced pesticide use, ask the professional to discuss Integrated Pest Management (IPM) or “green” options that emphasize monitoring, growth regulators, sanitation, physical changes and other controls that can manage pests while limiting the use of pesticides.
  • If the technician will be using pesticides, you can ask for a copy of the label for any products that will be used. If you have any questions about the pesticide or how it will be used, ask them before application.
  • Will there be follow-up visits? Keep in mind that the technician may not be able to answer this until after he sees the results of the first treatment. Retreatment should be based on inspection and monitoring. Ask him what criteria he will use to determine the need to retreat.
  • Ask about which areas will be treated. Find out whether you need to be home for the technician’s visits. Do you need to make arrangements for the technician to get into your home? If pesticides are to be used, do you need to vacate your home for a period of time during and after treatment?
  • Ask the professional what will be expected of you as part of the control effort. Remember, you are a partner with your pest control professional. The technician supplies the expertise and professional products to solve your pest problem. Your technician will expect you to do your part in maintaining sanitation levels, providing access to areas that need to be treated, and informing him/her of any changes in pest levels between visits.

[Source: Weed Science Society of America, “Hiring a Pest Management Professional”]



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