Fleas Can Reinfest Your Home From Outside

By Chris Williams on July 10, 2012.


Q. We’ve had our home and our pet treated for fleas several times but eventually the fleas return. What else should we be doing to be rid of these things?


A. Does your pet go outside? If you have a dog, then it almost certainly does, even if it’s only briefly and only in your own yard. When pets go outside, it can be extra tough to get control of fleas inside. A pet’s yard represents a large reservoir of fleas just waiting to reinfest the house.


Wild animals such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and mice all have fleas that can infest pets. When these animals travel through or nest in your yard, they can leave fleas behind. But the fleas that a pet picks up outside usually originate from the pet itself. Here’s how:


When Rover spends summer afternoons sleeping under the porch, his fleas drop dozens of eggs each day. The house and Rover are eventually treated for fleas. But weeks later, those flea eggs under the porch have hatched and developed. Adult fleas are now ready to reinfest Rover, and in turn, reinfest the house.


If your pet is sometimes placed in a yard kennel or chained to a dog house, there may be fleas in these sites. Other outside “hot spots” for fleas are areas where the pet rests, its travel routes or runs, and its “bathroom” spots. Outdoor flea populations tend to be greatest in shady, moist areas. Sunny, dry areas are less likely to have high levels of fleas.


If you want complete control of fleas, these outside flea hot spots should be treated by a professional pest control company. Outside flea control is only one part of a 3-part program that is necessary to get rid of fleas. First, your pets need to be treated by you or a veterinarian to kill any fleas currently on the pets or fleas that try to get onto the pets. Secondly, flea hot spots inside your home needed to be treated by a professional. Indoor hot spots are mainly the places where your pet rests since this is where you will find flea eggs, larvae, and pupae. Finally, have those pet areas outside treated. Even if your pet only goes out onto the porch, or maybe naps on the deck, those areas should be treated.


If wild animals like opossums and raccoons frequently visit your property, consider having these animals trapped and relocated away from your yard. At Colonial, we can do that, too. We’re licensed and trained in removal of nuisance wildlife. Give us a call today and let us get rid of your flea problem.



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