Rodent Control Requires More Than Baits or Traps

By Chris Williams on April 3, 2012.

If you’re having a problem with rodents in or around your home, putting out traps or poison baits may temporarily get rid of your mice or rats, but to permanently eliminate them you have to correct conducive conditions. Conducive conditions are situations that invite, encourage, or feed rodents, like open garbage cans or heavy weed cover.

  • ratRemove piles of lumber and debris, especially around the foundation. Store lumber, firewood, etc. on a rack one foot off of the ground and one foot away from walls.
  • Do not leave ripe fruit and vegetables or fallen nuts under trees or in the garden. Indoors, store these items in refrigerators, screened containers, or containers with tight lids.
  • Don’t leave pet food out overnight, either inside or outside. Don’t allow birdseed to accumulate under bird feeders. Store pet food and birdseed in containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Pick up pet feces from the yard regularly.
  • Trim or remove high grass, weeds and brush. Reduce heavy ground covers and thick shrubbery near foundations.
  • Don’t store garbage outside in boxes or bags; rats can chew through them. Garbage cans should be in good condition, with no holes and with tight-fitting lids. Garbage should be picked up at least once a week.
  • Store indoor garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids. Don’t put food scraps in compost piles.
  • mouseRegularly sweep up food spillage from kitchen floor. Clean food spills from oven and stovetop and under burners.
  • Avoid storing pet food, onions, or other food products under the kitchen sink and in ground level cabinets.
  • Reduce clutter in basements, storage areas, garages, and closets.


Give Colonial a call. Our trained technicians will conduct a rodent audit. We can show you conditions around your home that are attracting rodents and can give you advice about how to change those conducive conditions. We’ll also set up a rodent management program for your property that is guaranteed to rid your home of mice or your yard of rats…with just a little help from you.



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