Mice in Apartment Buildings

By Chris Williams on March 29, 2012.

In apartment and condominium complexes, mice can quickly become a problem, spreading throughout the building. Residents often contribute to the problem by failing to notify property management when they see evidence of mice. With the fast reproductive rate of mice, it doesn’t take long before an unreported mouse becomes lots of mice. If you live in an apartment or condo, and there have been mouse problems in your building, you should:

1) Check for evidence of mice every week. Look for mouse droppings, mouse nests, and gnawing damage. You might also find little stockpiles of stored mouse food like nuts or seeds. Listen for scratching or squeaking. Mice are mostly active at night but are occasionally seen during daylight hours. mouse

Most mouse infestations begin or are centered in the kitchen. Pay special attention to the back corners of lower kitchen cabinets, the cabinet under the sink, the bottom pan drawer of the stove, and underneath the stove or refrigerator – these are the favorite places for mouse nests.

2) Notify the office or building management at once if you find mice or recent evidence of mice. Ask the office to schedule your unit for a pest control inspection and service for mice. You can help the pest control technician with his/her inspection by emptying your floor level kitchen cabinets. When the technician gets there, point out where you have seen evidence of mice.

3) Look for any existing openings or newly chewed openings that could allow mice to enter (1/4 inch or larger). Mouse holes can be blocked by stuffing them with steel wool. Openings around pipes, utility lines, and vents may have to be repaired by building maintenance. Make sure that door sweeps and window screens are tight.

4) Do your part to make sure that you aren’t feeding mice. Make sure that food (including pet food) is not left out overnight. Keep it in the refrigerator or in tightly sealed containers. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or used pots on the stove. Wipe down the stove, kitchen counters, and table every night before bed. Make sure garbage and recycling containers have tight lids. Take garbage to the dumpster or trash chute every evening. Sweep kitchen floors regularly.



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