Termites Love Sentricon HD Bait to Death

By Chris Williams on January 18, 2012.

Remarkable results achieved with new High Density termite bait from Dow Agro Sciences!  2011 marked a change in termite control, a change for the better!  The Sentricon Colony Elimination System went “Always Active” with the addition of Recruit High Density bait.  Each Sentricon station(the green feeding sites placed around homes by Pest Control Professionals) is loaded with a 50gm bait, more than enough to kill most termite colonies.   The Sentricon Colony Elimination  System works by delivering an innovative Insect Growth Regulator to termite colonies through their natural feeding behavior.   When termites feed on the highly preferred Recruit High Density   bait tube device, the growth regulator prevents the formation of chitin(chitin is what forms the termite’s skin, mandibles, and stomach lining).  Termites in contact with the bait, either through direct or indirect feeding, will not survive.

termitesAlthough Recruit HD bait is extremely effective in controlling termite colonies, it is also safe for the environment.  There is no risk to children, pets, or drinking water.  Soil organisms including earthworms, salamanders, sow bugs, beetles, earwigs and many others may be  found living on or near bait devices without harm.  Only termites that consume and share the bait with other termites are effected.

Recruit HD is safe to use and serves as  continuous  protection for any home or structure.  Backed by years of testing and independent studies, the Sentricon Colony Elimination System with Recruit HD offers homeowners a revolutionary method of environmentally friendly termite control.  With the knowledge that Sentricon is always working to prevent termite damage, homeowners may rest easily.  Sentricon is only offered by select Pest Control companies, vetted by Dow Agro Sciences.



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