Read the Pesticide’s Label!

By Chris Williams on December 20, 2011.

label-readingUsing a pesticide is a responsibility. A pesticide is a poison that can kill living things and its use is not to be taken lightly. A pesticide’s label contains a wealth of information about the pesticide. The label’s purpose is to make sure that you use the product safely.

Read the label before selecting a pesticide

·        Make sure it is registered for your intended use, for example, on vegetable plants

·        Review the environmental precautions and restrictions

·        Make sure you have the required application equipment, like a granule spreader

·        Make sure you have the required personal protective equipment, like plastic gloves

Reread the label before mixing the pesticide, if mixing is needed

·        Make sure you understand how to properly mix the product

·        Make sure you are wearing the personal protective equipment, such as plastic gloves, required for mixing the product

·        Know what first aid and medical treatment is necessary should poisoning or an accident occur

Reread the label when storing pesticides

·        Make sure you know how to store the pesticide properly

·        Understand the precautions to prevent fire hazards

·        Know what to do if the product spills

Reread the label before disposing of a pesticide

·        Make sure you know the correct procedure for rinsing or emptying the container

·        Know the manufacturer’s recommendations for disposing of the empty container



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