Getting Rid of Mice – Advice From the Pros

By Chris Williams on December 8, 2011.

mouse-in-handIt’s our job to get rid of your mice but we can’t permanently control a mouse infestation without some help from you. You can help your pest control technician by pointing out any evidence of mice like nest material, stored seeds and nuts, gnawing, droppings, burrows or holes. You can also help us get rid of mice by doing the following:


Sanitation Inside

    • Don’t leave food on counters, or leave used pans on the stove or in the sink overnight.


    • Regularly clean stovetops, ovens, and broilers. Remove built-up grease.


    • Sweep kitchen floors and clean under stoves and refrigerators often.


    • Store cereals, nuts, seeds, grain and dry pet food in sealed glass, plastic or metal containers. Don’t store onions, potatoes, rice, etc. in open bins.


    • Don’t leave pet food out overnight.


  • Take trash to the dumpster or trash chute each evening. Make sure that garbage bags and cans are tightly sealed.

Sanitation Outside

    • Use a bird feeder with a catch tray and clean up seed under the feeder regularly. Store bird seed in a container with a tight lid.


    • Pick up fallen fruit and rotting vegetables in the garden. Don’t place food scraps on top of the compost pile.


    • Don’t store garbage outside in plastic bags (they’re not mouse-proof).


    • Remove piles of stone, boards, firewood, or debris that are stacked near the foundation. Stack lumber and firewood 12 inches off of the ground.


  • Clear brush, weeds, and ground cover around foundation. Remove ivy from buildings.

Mouse-proofing (for either you or your pest control company)

    • Caulk openings around water pipes, electric wires, cables, and vents.


    • Use gnaw-proof material such as steel wool, copper mesh, sheet metal, or cement to seal holes and cracks.


    • Use hardware cloth to screen vents, floor drains, and other openings.


  • Install door sweeps and thresholds to eliminate gaps under doors.



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