5 Things You Need to Know About Fleas

By Chris Williams on November 7, 2011.

1. Fleas have several different life stages.  Fleas are insects that go through complete metamorphosis. Just like butterflies and moths, fleas have 4 stages of life: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Each stage looks totally different than the others and has different habits.

2. Adult fleas live on pets.  They feed by biting with their tube-like mouths and sucking blood. Spines and claws help them stay on pets and other animals. They will not leave the animal if they can help it. Females lay 20 eggs a day while on the animal. The eggs drop to the floor or ground below.

3. Flea eggs and larvae (young) live in the carpet, on furniture, or in pet bedding.  The eggs hatch into larvae, legless and blind, and looking like small white worms. The larvae burrow down into carpets where they feed on dried blood dropping from the animal above. Flea larvae do not bite.

flea4. Fleas never take a vacation!  When you leave for vacation and your pets are no longer in the house, flea larvae are still developing into pupae (the resting stage), and then into adult fleas in the carpet and furniture. When you return from vacation, you and your pets may be attacked by hungry hordes of waiting fleas!

5. Pets can pick up new fleas outdoors.  Other pets and wild animals visiting your yard (or home) can leave behind fleas that can jump onto your pets. Even if your pets and your home have been treated for fleas, fleas can later be re-introduced.

If any of this sounds familiar, give Colonial a call! Ask us about our flea management program for your home.



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