What is “Green” Pest Control?

By Chris Williams on May 16, 2011.

When we talk about green pest control service, we’re not just talking about lawn care.  You’ve no doubt heard the term “going green” or  “green service” applied to many different types of businesses and practices. It’s a catch-all phrase that refers to the adoption of business and lifestyle changes that are environmentally sensitive with the goal of reducing negative impacts on the environment.
go-greenMost of us like to think that we are environmentally aware, that we don’t purposely do things that would pollute our surroundings. Companies that practice green service take steps to assure that everything they do is as environmentally-friendly as possible. In pest control, a company practicing green service makes sure that any pesticides and methods used are used in a way that minimizes risk to health and the environment. Because of the nature of pest control, we can’t always avoid the use of pesticides, but we can make sure we proceed in the safest way possible.

At Colonial Pest Control, we believe in “going green” every day. Here are some ways that we do that:

  • We emphasize inspection and monitoring for pest problems and use integrated pest management methods. Pests are controlled only when and if they must be. Certain pests can exist at low levels without posing a problem requiring control.
  • We do not automatically apply pesticides to solve a pest problem. Finding and removing or resolving the source of the problem is our first priority. Pest-proofing or keeping pests from entering structures in the first place is a big part of what we do.
  • When pest control is needed, we first turn to nontoxic or least toxic and least disruptive options such as sanitation, exclusion, specialty vacuuming, trapping, repellents, and baiting.
  • When we must use pesticides, we always choose products that have the best safety records and pose the least risk to people, pets, and the environment.
  • Our pesticide treatments are targeted and precise so that we can reduce the amount of pesticide applied by treating the smallest area possible with the greatest effect.
  • We emphasize outdoor barrier treatments around a structure to reduce the amount of pesticide exposure inside.
  • Pesticides are not applied to a site if there is a possibility of contamination of nontarget plants, animals, or property. We take every precaution to avoid possible contamination of groundwater or bodies of water.

Going green is a win-win situation for us and for our customers. Going green is good for the environment and protects the health of our customers’ families without sacrificing results.



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