Carpenter Ants a “Versatile Nest Builder” Part 2

By Chris Williams on May 5, 2011.

Question. I think I have carpenter ants nesting in my house. Where could they be coming from?

Answer. Carpenter ants will nest in all sorts of places within a home. During my career, I’ve found them living in or around:
• Sills of basements or crawl spaces
• Insulation between floor joists in basements and crawl spaces
• Beneath insulation in attics
• Wall void behind the dishwasher
• Voids above and below kitchen cabinetry
• Voids underneath tubs and shower stalls
• Foam insulation of hot tub
• Foam insulation in ceilings and walls
• Defective skylights
• Door frames
• Window frames (especially north facing ones)
• Door sills
• Hollow doors
• Around chimneys in attics
• Garage door header
• Garage framing (corners primarily)
• Behind exterior trim (especially corners)
• Porch framing
• Decorative columns
• Exterior wall voids near the chimney
That is my top twenty!



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