Bedbugs, the Ultimate Hitchhiker

By Chris Williams on February 23, 2011.

The Ultimate Hitchhiker – How Bedbugs spread

Bedbugs are the ultimate hitchhikers. While infestations take some time to become noticeable due to a rather slow reproductive cycle, low level populations exist and are unknown to the homeowner. This low level activity allows the ever hungry bedbugs to slowly spread. Bedbugs have been found in many locations, all of which have one thing in common: close proximity to human activity. Offices, hotel rooms, bars, restaurants, radio stations, subway cars, trains, cars, busses, airplanes, airport terminals, homes, hostels, hiking huts, schools, college dorms, movies theaters, furniture stores, rental stores, daycare providers, and many more locations have had documented cases of bedbugs.


Riding on baggage, purses, coats, furniture, bedding, and perhaps any item, bedbugs move from one infestation creating others. At first the signs of bedbugs are very faint, from infrequent bites to odd black spots on bedding. The reaction to bedbug bites varies widely from person to person and may be attributed to or accompanied by other pest bites such as spiders, fleas, flies, ticks, or scabies. Certain medical conditions or environmental reactions may be mistakenly blamed on bedbugs. If you suspect the presence of bedbugs at your residence or other location call the Pros at Colonial Pest Control for a positive identification and treatment plan. The best way to stop bedbugs from spreading is to take action as soon as possible. Colonial Pest Control has been working with bedbugs for many years and is ready to help you now!



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