Colonial Pest Control 2011 Termite Newsletter

By Chris Williams on February 14, 2011.


Sentricon Goes “Always Active” With New Recruit HD Bait!
Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for choosing Colonial Pest Control as your termite and pest control partner! 2011 will see the introduction of a new, more durable and effective termite bait: Recruit HD. Sentricon “Always Active” featuring Recruit HD promises to make the Sentricon Colony Elimination System even better! Termites prefer this bait to all previous bait types, and even to natural food sources! New Recruit HD is High Density, Highly Durable, and is Highly Desirable to termites. The bait actually becomes more attractive to termites over time. This new improved bait will be placed in all Sentricon Stations, providing continuous protection of your property. Sentricon “Always Active” with Recruit HD will mean some changes in our service routine. The new label allows for up to two annual inspections of the system, in order to maintain stations and assure that all stations are in place. Please let us know if you have broken or missing stations. There is no charge for us to come out to replace these stations.
Questions & Answers
Q. Will my Termite Control Warranty change?
A. Your current warranty with Colonial Pest Control Inc. will remain in place. Recruit HD is just another improvement in the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. The new “Always Active” with Recruit HD provides continuous protection with unrivaled performance.
Q.Why are you monitoring only twice each season when you used to monitor 3 times?
A. In the pest control industry, we are required by law to follow the label directions approved by EPA. The old system, Recruit IV, required the use of wooden monitoring devices placed in stations around your home. Once termites began feeding on these wooden monitoring devices, Recruit IV baits were then placed into the stations so the termites could begin feeding on the active ingredient used to eliminate the colony. The monitors needed to be checked frequently so that bait could be added ASAP to any stations showing termite activity. This new fifth generation system (Recruit HD) lets us start with bait already in the stations. This means we have bait in the ground 24/7. This new system offers unparalleled protection against any termite threat.
Q. Will the termites eat all the bait and go away before you check it the next time?
A. Over 7 years of research by Dow AgroSciences has shown that the improved bait matrix in Recruit HD lasts much longer in the ground than the previous Recruit IV bait tubes. Over time, changes occur in the surface textures of the HD bait that make it even more palatable to termites. But there is plenty there for everybody. Since HD stands for “High Density,“ each station contains 250% more of the active ingredient, Noviflumuron, than before. Each station alone has enough bait to eliminate several termite colonies!
Q. What if a station is damaged or lost before your next scheduled visit?
A. One concern homeowners have voiced is that the stations may be difficult to find with less frequent visits. Homeowners change their landscape, add mulch, build additions, or make other changes around their homes. If a station is removed or damaged in this process, we recommend that you let us know so we can replace the station as soon as possible. We’ll take care of this at no additional cost. Our goal is the continuous protection of your home!
Q. If Recruit HD is so desirable to termites, will it attract them to my house?
A. Termites are not attracted to food, they find it in a random manner, by literally bumping into it. Termites forage within their territory along natural borders such as ledges, foundations, plant roots, water tables, etc. As termites find wood along the surface and within the soil, colony members are recruited to feed on the food source. Not knowing the size of a given food source, termites are driven to continuous foraging. This works in our favor, as homes treated with Sentricon “Always Active” with Recruit HD are protected at all times!
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