Bed Bugs – Can You See Them?

By Chris Williams on January 6, 2011.


Q. Bedbugs, you can’t see them can you?

bed-bugsA. The re-establishment of the bed bug as a major urban pest in the U.S., and its’ subsequent media attention has brought with it all sorts of fear, confusion, and in many cases, plain misinformation about the insect. One of the most common misconceptions about the bed bug is that they’re microscopic. Nothing could be further from the truth! Now while it is always helpful to view things under magnification, they can easily be seen with the naked eye. Juvenile bedbugs, (very young nymphs) are amber colored and about the size of a sesame seed, while a mature adult bedbug is dark reddish brown and similar in diameter to a pencil eraser. Immature bedbugs will molt up to five times before they reach the adult stage, so various sizes within that range may be observed too.



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