How to Get Rid of Mice…for Good!

By Chris Williams on December 2, 2010.

Q. I’ve had trouble getting rid of mice in my home. Just when I think they’re gone, I trap another one. What am I doing wrong?

A. Since it sounds like this has been going on for some time, you really need a professional’s help to first get your mouse problem under control. Call Colonial; we can  immediately begin a mouse elimination program. Our mouse control expert will determine the extent of your mouse problem and recommend a control method or methods suited to your particular case.

Then, once your mice are gone, there are two main steps you can take to prevent future mouse problems. One is mouse-proofing your home which means keeping mice out by sealing openings that they use to get into your home and move from one area to another. Young mice can squeeze through a slot that is only the diameter of a pencil which means there are many small openings both inside and outside that must be sealed to keep mice out. Doors should close tightly with no gaps at the bottom. Openings around water pipes, electric lines, and cables must be stuffed or sealed. Vents, windows, and floor drains must have tight screens. Colonial can help. Our technicians are experts in mice exclusion. We will do a thorough inspection of your home to locate and then seal, block-off, or screen potential rodent entry points.

Secondly, sanitation in and around your home is very important since mice happily feed on human and pet food. There are enough overlooked food crumbs in almost any home to feed mice. Sweep up any food scraps that have fallen on the floor and don’t leave food or crumbs on counters and tables overnight. Regularly clean under the refrigerator and stove. Open the stove top and remove any food and grease. Store cereals, nuts, seeds, and grain in glass, plastic, or metal containers. Do not leave pet food out overnight. Transfer large bags of pet food to a metal or heavy plastic bin with a lid. Dispose of garbage at the end of every day and make sure that garbage bags and cans are tightly sealed overnight. Our technician can give you tips for more things that you can do around the outside of your home to keep mice away.

The most obvious signs of mice are droppings, gnawed mouse holes, nests (shredded paper and cloth), and mouse-damaged food packages. Point out any of these signs to your pest control professional when he comes to inspect.



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