Bed Bug Control – Can You Do It Yourself?

By Chris Williams on December 1, 2010.

Q. I think I might have bed bugs. My friend told me about an insecticide that I can buy to spray on my mattress. Will that work?

A.  Bed bugs are an extremely difficult pest to get rid of. Experts advise that you not try to do your own bed bug control. Chances are very good that you will end up frustrated…and still have bed bugs. Here are a few reasons why it’s best to leave bed bug control to the pros.

(1) The hardest part of bed bug control is finding the bugs in the first place. You need a trained inspector with lots of experience to locate all of the bed bugs’ hiding places. They can be found in places that would surprise you, and not just in beds.

(2) Spraying a bed, bedding, or clothing with an insecticide not designed for that use can be dangerous for your family. And, homeowner control efforts can cause bed bugs to disperse to new areas making control even more difficult. Professionals know what to use, and where. Spraying insecticides is not the only control method that professionals use for bed bugs, and sometimes insecticides are not used at all.

(3) It’s also not possible to do a steam or heat treatment for bed bugs with homeowner or rental equipment. These specialized treatment techniques require professional grade equipment and trained operators. Vacuuming and cleaning alone will not get rid of bed bugs either.

(4) Effective bed bug control usually requires that procedures be repeated two or more times over a period of several weeks. Homeowners often aren’t able or willing to spend the amount of time and effort needed to eliminate every last bed bug, and soon the bugs are back in force.

At Colonial Pest Control, bed bug elimination is what we do. First, our thorough, professional inspection will determine whether you have bed bugs and how extensive the problem is. We will design a program specific to your situation and will work with you until the bed bugs have been eliminated. Call us today!



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