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Professional and discreet bed bug extermination service!
Colonial Pest Control provides expert bedbug extermination services. We maintain a team of highly trained technicians who employ effective, low impact, low toxicity treatment methods to eliminate your bed bug infestation.

The bad news: You’ve discovered you have bed bugs, and you’ve heard stories about how difficult bed bug extermination is. You may have even heard that it’s impossible to exterminate bed bugs once they have entered your home.

The good news: Not true! Technicians at Colonial Pest Control successfully use bedbug control treatment methods in all kinds of buildings; from large multi-unit dwellings to single family homes. Our bed bugs control and extermination program works.

Our approach to bed bug extermination

Traditional bedbug control involves applying residual insecticide barriers and waiting for the insect to cross the barrier. University research has repeatedly shown that this approach alone is not enough for today’s resistant bed bugs. Modern treatment techniques and technologies need to be combined in a comprehensive program. We know what you want…results…so we have put our effort into developing new bed bug control protocols. Protocols that really work.

Our bedbug control methods differ from those of most other companies. We “seek and destroy” by locating your bed bugs’ hiding places and treating them directly. We target our insecticide application and support those treatments with special nonchemical methods that kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. But most importantly, our technicians take the time to inspect and service your home thoroughly and completely. They seek out and destroy bed bug adults, nymphs, and eggs that other companies miss.

We’ve found that two service visits, spaced two weeks apart, are best for bedbug control. Our bed bug extermination service has the added benefit of being low impact, since we are targeting the insect directly rather than spraying an entire area with insecticide. This direct seek-and-destroy approach, along with our experience and commitment, will give you the results you want. Please contact us today for a free quote or to get more information about our service.

mattress_encasementWe strongly recommend you purchase and install covers for all box springs and mattresses. These should be installed after our first treatment.



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In addition to our intensive treatment program, we also install “ClimbUp Insect Interceptors” on all bed posts (where applicable).


Please call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE at 1-800-525-8084 or make the request online at – REQUEST A QUOTE

We have had Colonial Pest control service for several years and the service always has been and continues to be excellent. The reason for this email is more directed to your personnel than the actual effectiveness of the service. I have only had 5 or 6 personal contacts with Colonial personnel but they have all been very positive. An employee was at our home today to do our normal service and he was extremely helpful, positive and professional. An employee any company would be proud of. I was at my daughter’s home in Westborough, Ma a couple of weeks ago and a Colonial employee arrived to do a normal service for her and he also was extremely pleasant, positive and professional. I wanted to take a minute to let you know how well your employees represent Colonial Pest Control. Your field employees are critical to your continued success and the ones I have had contact with are doing a great job.

Paul Weldon (Westborough, MA)


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